Why did you get into writing?

I enjoy the challenge of crafting words to make a difference for companies or individuals and encourage an audience to take action.

What kinds of copywriting experience do you have?

Just about any industry. Just about any medium. I’ve written ads and marketing pieces for clients in sports and entertainment, healthcare, consumer electronics, finance, auto and more. As far as mediums, I’ve had the opportunity to write for digital, print, social media, outdoor and TV/radio, to name a few. Check out my services.

EasyWriterSteve is a peculiar name. What’s the deal?

I got nothin’ for you other than I think it sounds awesome.

Besides writing, what are some of your favorite activities?

I enjoy answering FAQs, playing ping pong and squash, listening to just about any music genre, thinking about my next meal 24/7 and making people laugh whether it’s intentional or not.

What is your favorite word?

Onomatopoeia, chimichanga or absquatulate.

Pick One

I can’t.

Is there any movie from 1986 that has inspired you immensely?

That is a really specific FAQ. Out of all the great movies from ’86, this is a no-brainer. Top Gun.



What are some of your favorite duos?

Macaroni & cheese. Hall & Oates. Jordan & Pippen. Left sock & right sock.

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