How Google Snippets Can Boost Your Visibility in Search

How Google Snippets Can Boost Your Visibility in Search

Use Google Snippets to Increase Your Search Engine Optimization


So, you have a great website with well-written content. Next challenge—making it possible for your target audience to find it. This is where search and Google rankings come in. Want to increase your chances of getting on the first page of Google, or better yet, making it to one of the top results in a search for your topic? Learn how to use Google snippets to your advantage.


I’m going to show you a straightforward way to improve your search engine results without resorting to tricks or gimmicks.


Why you should love Google snippets

Have you noticed that when you research something on Google, the results page often includes a box with pertinent information on the subject? According to a study published by Stone Temple Consulting, Google is showing more and more of those snippet boxes. That box is your ticket to a higher rank because the box will include your website’s address and title.


Did you notice that the box appears on the page ahead of the traditional listings? That means that if you can get your website included in that box, you could leapfrog your competitors on that page. Learn more about what goes in to a Google snippet.


Google also sometimes includes a follow-up box below the initial box. It’s titled “People Also Ask,” and as the title states, it addresses some of the most commonly asked questions.


The answer to each question can come from a different source, granting you multiple opportunities to receive free promotion for your website.


How to get your website referenced in a Google snippet

It’s one thing to recognize the growing significance of snippets. It’s quite another thing to take advantage of snippets.


The key to being included in a snippet is to understand what Google is attempting to accomplish and then to work along with it.


Google wants to answer a user’s question as directly as possible. You can help Google and thus help yourself if you make sure that your website clearly states a question and then succinctly answers that question.


For example, suppose elementary school-age kids were looking for the answer to the question who was the first person to walk on the moon. Your website should feature that question phrased just the way a kid might ask it. Your answer should likewise be easy to follow. The answer would have Neil Armstrong’s name and the date of his historic moonwalk. This is no time to use flowery poetic writing. You want to deliver the goods without much fanfare.

So, do you see what Google is doing? It’s judging your website based on its helpfulness and value to readers.


The easier it is to find answers to common questions related to your business, the greater the likelihood that Google will feature a snippet from your website.


Research the snippets Google is currently using for searches in your industry. Follow the links to see what your competitors accomplished on their sites to make those sites appealing to Google.


Then, I recommend that you carefully review your website. Do you tackle the questions that customers are most likely to have? Do you provide well-thought-out answers?


There’s no magic to appearing in a Google snippet box, but there is a good deal of old-fashioned work. Contact me today, and I’ll explain how to get started.

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