Get the Most out of Google My Business

Get the Most out of Google My Business

Use Google My Business to Get Valuable Reviews From Your Clients

If you haven’t claimed your Google My Business listing, you’re leaving money on the table. Also, if you’ve set up your account, but haven’t tried to get the most out of it, you’re still leaving money on the table.


Ask for reviews for your local business


Google has no problem with you asking people to review your business.


This open-mindedness may seem strange if you’re used to the policy at Yelp that prevents solicitation. However, Google has no such rule (exception: present or past employees can’t leave a review.)


You know that good reviews are the lifeblood of any business so why not use good reviews to attract new customers?


You can make it easier for people to post reviews by setting up a convenient review link with instructions from Google.


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Keep your Google My Business listing fresh with its posting feature


With the posting feature, you bring social media-style updates to your Google My Business listing. Alert potential customers to sales, special promotions, and new services, and consider adding a photo or graphic to capture more attention.


The post will show up on the overview tab of your listing for a week then Google will remind you that it’s time for a new post.


For just a few minutes of work each week you’re getting additional free advertising. As a bonus, if your competitors aren’t doing this, your chances of leapfrogging them in the local Google search just increased.


Add a video to your local online advertising


Probably, no one needs to sell you on the power of video. It helps you to use a little showmanship to grab attention.


Imagine a potential customer trying to decide between two restaurants she found on Google. Almost everything about the businesses seems equal. Then she notices that one restaurant listing includes a video.


She clicks on the video and immediately sees your restaurant’s award-winning chef in action, slicing, dicing, stirring, and flipping. Or perhaps, she sees your bartender demonstrating his mixology behind the bar. There’s a good chance the business with the video in its Google My Business listing will appeal more to the potential customer.


Don’t forget emoticons and emojis


Have you noticed the increased usage of emoticons and emojis in marketing? Whether in a TV commercial, digital ad, the subject line of an email, or a billboard, companies are using them to catch the attention of onlookers. Plus, Google is paying attention to them as well and allows searches based on them.


So, consider adding an emoticon or emoji to your listing to make sure you show up in those searches.


Of course, you should use a little discretion. You’ll have to decide if an emoticon or emoji is suitable for your business and its image. For example, it might work if you’re a music teacher but not if you’re a high-powered criminal defense attorney.


There’s much more you can do with Google My Business, and it’s reasonable to believe that Google will continue enhancing it with new tools.


Contact me today for help on getting everything possible out of your Google My Business listing.

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