The Value of Writing a Guest Post

The Value of Writing a Guest Post

Write a Guest Post to Build Your Reputation in Your Industry

Blogging goes a long way in terms of establishing yourself as an expert in your industry. But did you know you can blog on other websites other than your own? By guest posting, you have the opportunity to develop meaningful relationships with other industry experts and have reputable websites vouch for your knowledge in the field of your choice.


See how you can benefit from guest posting:


Gain valuable backlinks

Your blog needs good backlinks. Your ranking in the Google listings depends on them to a significant degree.


One of the best ways to get them is to create them. That means writing for another website with the understanding that the website will include a link to your website in your guest post.


Earn industry recognition

Write for various well-respected websites in your industry and people will soon consider you an expert in your field. Similarly, your website will be viewed as an authority website which Google ranks much higher than non-authority sites.


Increase traffic to your website

It’s preferable to write for websites that have a lot of visitors. Your goal is to get a percentage of those who read your guest post to click on the link to your website. Ta-da—you’ll have instant traffic.


And if your regular posts can keep the reader interested, you’ll benefit from repeat traffic.


How to get invited to write a guest post

Your first instinct might be to contact someone directly at the target website and ask if they would accept a guest post from you. If the site is small, that might work. However, if you want to write for the top websites, you’ll need a different strategy.


Your best bet is to try to develop a relationship with the website or specific person and show them how you’re interested in their business and ideas. One way to do this is to start following their social media accounts and reply to their posts with valuable, insightful commentary.


Don’t come across as a groupie. The thought leaders of any industry tire easily of fans who give them nothing but praise. They’re looking for someone with the intellectual capacity to engage in meaningful dialogue.


Be careful. Don’t be argumentative. Converse in a friendly but business-like manner.


It would also help to post on your website a link to some of his best social media exchanges.


Like all good relationships, this one will take time. Don’t rush it. It may take weeks or months.


Eventually, he will begin responding to your comments in a way that shows he both appreciates and respects your viewpoint.


Once you sense that he has a feel for who you are, you can politely ask if he would be interested in having you write a guest post to expand on one of the topics you’ve discussed.


Are you ready to start guest posting on someone’s website? Need help with crafting your content? Contact me today.

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