Grab Your Customers’ Attention by Telling Them a Story

Grab Your Customers’ Attention by Telling Them a Story

Improve your content marketing with the help of storytelling

Storytelling is a hobby practically as old as a time—and it’s not reserved for sharing moments with friends and family. Storytelling is a powerful tool in business, too. If you want to sell people your product or idea when writing online, tell them a story. This is called storyteller marketing.


People love stories

Have you ever noticed how television networks often sprinkle their coverage of sporting events with the stories of the athletes? Did the athlete overcome a near-fatal accident? Was she a foster child? Did he have to make a comeback after battling a drug addiction?


The stories help you relate to the players. If you feel connected to one of the athletes, you’ll become emotionally invested in the game. You can use the same storyteller marketing when connecting with customers.


Consider this example:


A roofing company could share the story of a family that was in desperate need of roof repair. But due to tough financial times and shaky credit, they were unable to borrow the money needed to make the repairs. What did they do?


They spoke to the company’s customer service department who listened attentively. The company arranged for a free estimate and worked out a payment plan that worked within their budget. The couple soon had the roof they needed.


Your readers will appreciate the human element of the story and learn that your company can help them in the same way.


Use storyteller marketing to your advantage

While facts and figures are beneficial and have a place in your content marketing, storytelling can be just as, if not more, valuable. Do you have a story you’d like to share with your audience but not quite sure how to tell it? Contact me today, and let’s make a connection with your customers and prospects.

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