Get More Website Traffic by Writing Quality Content

Get More Website Traffic by Writing Quality Content

Fill Your Site with Informational, Quality Content to Reach Your Audience

Every internet marketer has heard the phrase “content is king.” However, not all content is true royalty. Let’s discuss how to create better blog posts and content that will separate your website from the pack.


What readers and search engines both want

How does Google determine if one piece of content is superior to others? Much in the same way a reader would make the decision. Readers expect content to be educational and valuable; for example, it should address a problem and offer a solution.


This type of content takes the user by the hand and guides him step by step toward his answer. In other words, the website offers the reader a better user experience.


Google’s algorithm understands that if people prefer one post over the others, then one post must be more useful than the others. The more helpful a post is, the higher it’ll rank in the Google listings.


What content to write

Don’t write fluff. When people reach your website, they’re looking for real answers and concrete solutions. You must have quality content.


Your content has to be more informative than entry-level material. It has to be so compelling that readers linger on your site. If they quickly leave your site, that will negatively impact your Google listing.


Think of a new visitor to your site as a first date. If she leaves the restaurant before the appetizer arrives, you can be sure that she’s not interested in a second date. It’s also certain that she won’t speak well of the evening.


Google knows that if your date, meaning your visitor, leaves your site quickly, your website failed to meet the expectations of the visitor. She did not have a worthwhile user experience.


So, ask yourself if your website lives up to what it promises. If a page is supposed to address a complicated issue, it should contain comprehensive information.


How much content to write

If you think that this means that your content will have to be somewhat lengthy, you’re right. Google knows that the longer the content, the more likely it is to be helpful to the reader. Weighty questions need thorough answers.


And don’t be shy about posting to your site. Google likes sites that grow regularly. If you want Google to consider your domain an authority site, you’re going to have to give the reader an abundance of material from which to choose.


Contact me today about creating quality content that will continue to bring readers back to your site.

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