Why Your Blog Posts Need High-Quality Backlinks and How to Get Them

Why Your Blog Posts Need High-Quality Backlinks and How to Get Them

Backlinks Help Build Your Site’s Search Rankings and Credibility

Imagine this (frustrating) scenario: your website content is just as good or better than your competitors’, but your competitors consistently outrank you in Google listings. Are you suffering from this predicament? And more importantly, want to know how to fix it? The solution may lie in your backlinks.


Why you need backlinks

A backlink is simply a link on another website that leads inbound traffic to your page. For instance, a link on a website about physical exercise may take readers to your website for your chain of fitness clubs.


The secret Google algorithm that ranks pages gives preference to pages that have more backlinks.


Why does Google like links? Think of a link to your web page as a vote in favor of that page.


In general, Google considers your content to be more valuable with each link it receives from different websites. And remember, Google wants to send its users to the most helpful and informative sites available.


It’s similar to the old TV commercials where the announcer would say something like “three out of four dentists recommend our toothpaste.”


In like manner, Google wants to recommend to its user the best page for any given search.

Improve your SEO with backlinks


Quality can beat quantity

The quality of your backlinks always counts. It’s not merely a matter of amassing a huge number of links. Google is skilled at determining whether the links are coming from authority sites in your industry or questionable spam-like sites.


How to get better links

So, you want to get the most respected websites in your industry to link to your post. Fortunately, if you are trying to dominate the Google rankings only within your local area, you may not need many links if you focus on quality.


An easy way to get better links is to interview influential people in your field. When your article that features them appears on your website, what do you think they will then do? They’ll mention your article on their authority site and provide a link to your page.


Take a real estate website, for example. Suppose you asked several local builders, architects, and appraisers to name their favorite local style of design and explain why it’s their choice. Don’t you think that they will post a link to that article on their blogs? After all, your article serves to boost their credibility just as their relationship helps you to outrank your opponents.


Here’s a cool tip: if you want to increase the odds that they’ll link to your article, make sure your post includes their photograph.


Google will interpret all those links and the resulting inbound traffic to mean that various industry professionals in your area consider your web page worthwhile. And guess what? So will Google.


Get the ranking your content deserves. Contact me today and I’ll help you create better links that Google will love.

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