Looking For an Idea For a Press Release? I Got You Covered.


We’ve all read press releases that should have never been released. Did you really care that ABC Plumbing defeated XYZ Heating & Air in an all-day horseshoe tournament? Ehhhh, probably not.


So, what makes for a good topic in a press release? Let’s look at three excellent ideas for press releases whether for small, medium or large businesses.


Announce an impressive new deal or contract

Everyone wants to be associated with success. That’s why people will like your company even more when they learn that you’ve landed a deal to provide goods or services to someone or something considered important. For example, suppose your remodeling company has inked a deal to restore the most famous historic home in the state. Let everyone know with a press release—then don’t be surprised when admirers of that historic home keep your phone ringing with requests for estimates on their own remodeling projects.


Publish the results of research, a poll or a survey

There are companies that manage to keep their names in the national news by mastering this technique. There’s no reason that you can’t follow their example. One company that gets plenty of mileage from surveys is WalletHub, a personal finance business that offers credit scores and reports. But if you’ve heard the name before, it’s probably in connection with some sort of ranking. It regularly publishes listings such as “the best small town in America to live in,” “the best large city for singles” and “the best state for women” among many others.


You can use the same data but make it relevant to your prospects. If you run a private pre-school, your press release could publish a list of states with the best and worst education systems. If your state ranks favorably, you could note how your academy contributes to the ranking by turning out students who are prepared to succeed in school. If your state ranks poorly, emphasize that in such a state it’s even more important that parents look for the best possible education for their child. And that, of course, means enrolling him in your school.


Reveal a new product or service

People love a new thing. We’re hardwired to look for it. Make the search easier by telling people all about the latest thing in your next press release. In other words, don’t wait until your customers arrive at your restaurant before telling them that you’ve added three new entrees.


Make them salivate at home when they read your press release. There’s a good chance that not only will they want to try the new entrees, but that they’ll also bring along a few of their equally adventurous friends.


A press release is an effective, low-cost way to keep your business name front and center. Plus, using online PR services to publish your press release is a great way to increase your online exposure and SEO rankings. Contact me today for ideas for your next press release and for help with publishing and distributing.

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