Learn How to Test Different Components of Your Email Campaigns


Successful email marketers always have one thing in common: they continue to ask questions by testing the effectiveness of their email campaigns.


Testing your email campaign doesn’t have to be complicated. Keep it simple.

  • Select one aspect of your email campaign to test then create two versions of that feature—this comparison of two variants is known as A/B testing
  • Send version A to some of your subscribers and version B to others
  • Track the results
  • Use the winning version as the template for the email that you send to the remaining subscribers

What sort of things can be tested? The short answer is practically everything. But let’s take a look at five features you’ll probably want to give your primary attention.


Test your subject lines

How often have you received an email that you immediately deleted because the subject line did not interest you? Reduce the number of times that this happens to the emails you send by experimenting. For example, you could test a generic subject line against one that includes the subscriber’s name to see if personalization results in an improved click-through rate.


Test the design

If few people are clicking on the link midway through your email, there’s a chance it’s because the design of the email makes it too challenging for most people to read long enough to reach the link. Would a more open-space design improve readability? Would a different font be easier on the eyes? An A/B test can help you answer these questions.


Test a variety of calls to action

This is one of the few features of an email campaign which new marketers rarely experiment with, but it certainly deserves attention. There may be an endless variety of ways to inspire people to respond but remember to only test two methods at a time. For example, one CTA could highlight the positive advantages of taking action while the other CTA could focus on the negative outcome of not taking action.

For example:

Shop now and save X% (positive)

Don’t miss your chance to save X% (negative)


Test the timing of your campaigns

Have you ever noticed that a company has changed which day of the week it sends you its newsletter? That marketer most likely adjusted their send date after analyzing email test results. You can test what day you send, what time of the day you send and how often you send.

Caution: if your email campaign is nationwide—and especially if it’s global—be mindful of time zones and local holidays.


Test different styles of content

What sort of content gets the best response from your readers? A/B testing can tell you.

Try comparing case studies versus insider tips. Try testimonials versus promotional offers. What works better: short emails or long emails? Does using humor improve or lessen the email’s effectiveness?


Contact me today to see how you can test your email campaigns and become a more effective marketer.

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