How to sell more by finding your target audience

How to sell more by finding your target audience

One of the most important strategies when marketing your product or service is determining who your target audience is—or who it should be. By defining your target audience, you can realistically aim for a higher return on investment by marketing to customers and prospects who are most likely interested in your product or service. So how do you determine who you should be marketing to? Research. Does it sound like a chore? Maybe. Is it worth it? Yes!


Here are a few factors to consider when trying to find the appropriate target audience for your product or service:


  1. Narrow your audience based on demographics

Take a minute to think about what you’re offering and who may be interested. Consider things like age, gender, income, hobbies, marital status, location and profession. Are you selling cribs? You’ll most likely have a lot more success marketing to mothers than millennials, for instance. Do you have a line of golf apparel? You’ll get more use speaking to golf enthusiasts than to the art class at the local college.


  1. Use existing data to your advantage

Data is a powerful resource, and fortunately there’s a lot of it out there. Are you selling skateboards? A quick online search—such as “statistics on skateboard customers”—will populate a ton of valuable information like what age range makes up the majority of the skateboarding community or where they shop for skateboarding products.


  1. Gather your own data through surveys and observation

Whether you conduct a survey yourself or if you use a marketing firm, survey results are a perfect way to gauge how the public feels toward your product, service, industry or whichever topics you’d like to hone in on. There are many ways to conduct a survey. Services like Survey Monkey make it easy to create and share surveys. Once you have one set up, include a link to the survey in an email campaign or a social media post. Besides online services, you can conduct a survey through direct mail or via a poll on your social media platforms.


Another effective data collection method is simply observation. Want to find out what type of products today’s skateboarders are using? Go to the local skate park and jot down what you see. The more data you collect, the more knowledgeable you’ll be about your audience and the better you can market toward them.


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