Keep your content stream going with evergreen content

Keep your content stream going with evergreen content

You might already understand the importance of content marketing, but knowing how to maintain a healthy content stream is another ballgame. Sound familiar?


Fret not, marketers. I’m here to help you discover the magic of evergreen content and how you can use it to keep your content stream flowing like the Mississippi (my first river simile of 2017!)


Wait, so you don’t know the importance of content marketing?

Delivering valuable information to customers and prospects is key if you want to portray yourself or your company as an industry expert. In the digital age, this information comes in the form of content marketing for many companies. Blogs, blogs and more blogs, plus email campaigns, social media posts and landing pages to name a few common channels.


What is evergreen content?

It’s timeless information that can provide value to your audience. By having a library of evergreen content to tap into at any moment, your content marketing is made a lot easier. You’ll always have topics at the ready and won’t need to spend as much time spinning your wheels every time you’re trying to come up with content ideas.


Types of evergreen content

Evergreen content comes in many different styles and formats, and your business or industry can dictate which of these will work best for you. Here are a few ideas to help you get started:


How-to lists

No matter the industry, customers and prospects can always benefit from instructional content. Let’s take a moving company, for example. The how-to possibilities are endless: how to prepare for a move; how to efficiently pack your belongings into boxes; how to wrap fragile items; how to prepare mirrors and glass objects for a move; how to organize your boxes before the move.



Not only are concrete facts and figures perfect when trying to deliver a point to your audience, but they’re typically easy to read and analyze. Charts, tables and infographics are a great way to break up your content with a visual.



Everyone can benefit from a checklist from time to time, and chances are you can put together a valuable checklist regardless of the industry you’re in. Are you an accountant? Provide your audience with a checklist of things they’ll need to do to file their tax return. Travel agent? Compile a checklist of items to bring on a beach vacation.



Offering items that can help people be more productive? Genius! Recommending tools to your audience provides instant value and shows them you have their interests in mind. For example, if you’re a doctor, you can provide your recommendations for things to pick up at the store to stay healthy during the winter.



Your industry or business has history (thanks, Captain Obvious). Use it to your advantage and give your audience a glimpse into your world. Tell them how your business came to be or how your industry has changed through time. Some good examples: “The History of Social Networking”; “The History of Photography and the Camera”, “The Evolution of Cycling”. Regardless of your industry, there are countless educational opportunities to help fill your content stream.



These are just a few ideas to help you begin putting together a library of evergreen content. Contact me for more pointers on engaging with your audience.

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