How a landing page can be a lead-capture goldmine

Generate Leads and Sales with a Landing Page

If you work in marketing or advertising, there’s a great chance you’ve heard the term landing page. There’s also a chance you’ve dismissed it as just some buzz word and haven’t bothered to investigate. You’re not alone! Heck, I didn’t know what they were early in my career until someone showed me the light.

Landing pages are an effective tool, and, when done right, are a simple way to benefit your business. Here are the basics:

What is a landing page?

Think of it as a landing pad for visitors. A landing page is a web page that exists separately from the main website with which it’s associated and is meant to serve one purpose — for example, promoting one item or service to buy or capturing an email address with a form.

Compare that to the main website which serves multiple purposes — educating a visitor about services offered, encouraging them to shop various products, promoting social media pages and a blog, etc.

Why should I use a landing page as opposed to any old web page?

A landing page provides a great opportunity to achieve the one thing that you or your company consider to be the most important — whether it’s an ongoing need (such as email capture) or a seasonal need (buy this amazing gift!).

By not having any navigation links or other areas to click, the visitor won’t be distracted while on the landing page. It should be short and sweet and preferably not require any scrolling. Visitors will be more likely to take action in the way you intend, such as clicking ‘Shop Now’ on your latest product or signing up for your email newsletter.

So, ‘what’s in it for me,’ you ask?

Leads and sales! A well-designed landing page is a magical thing. Some usual suspects when it comes to successful lead capture include sweepstakes, free trials, webinar invitations, white papers and important, can’t-miss updates.

In fact, if your inbox is flooded with special sales, promos and news from your favorite brands, you’ve probably signed up for at least some of them while on these types of landing pages. Simply put, they can do wonders.

Check out some stellar landing pages here — clean design, no bells and whistles (literally), just lead-generatin’ machines.

Contact me for more pointers on landing pages and how to use them to your advantage.

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