The benefits of quality website content

Nearly 25% of small businesses don’t have a website–and about 10% of small businesses owners don’t plan on creating a website either, according to a 2015 small business survey. Pretty amazing stats when it may seem like a guarantee that a company has its own online presence in today’s digital age.

While some of these small businesses may be doing just fine without a website, there are some undeniable benefits to owning a site with quality web content.

quality website content

Connect with your audience

As consumers rely on the Internet on a daily basis, they enjoy the ability to do research on the brands they associate with at any given moment. Having a website, in addition to a social media presence, are the first things they’ll look for. Relevant website content about your business and the problems which you can solve for them will get you off to a great start–and reduce the likelihood of potential customers browsing competitors’ sites instead. Think of it as an extension of your customer service efforts, providing helpful info to your audience on every page.


SEO: maintain visibility in the search engines

Being online is one thing. Getting noticed by the search engines (search engine optimization) is another. Quality website content should feature the keywords your audience is searching for, while avoiding the bad habit of keyword stuffing (filling your web pages with lists of keywords rather than focusing on relevant, well-written content). It’s a fine line to balance, but mastering the art will improve your SEO and ensure you’re visible to your audience as they search for products or services. Check out these helpful methods for finding the right keywords for your business.

Practically free marketing

Outside of the cost of a designer, getting set up online is relatively cheap–and in many cases, free. Plus, when your site features well-written content either in the form of a page outlining your services or an impactful blog page, people will want to share your content. Getting people interested in your products and services, and then having them share the news with others for free? Jackpot.


These website content pointers are wonderful for businesses but also apply to individuals–whether you simply have an opinion to share with the world or want to promote a new hobby. It’s important to create a meaningful online connection with consumers who expect on-demand information, and quality website content is the first step.

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