As more and more companies pick up on the benefits of blogging, best practices for blogging are published on a regular basis (hey, you’re even reading one of those posts right now.) One of the common questions I get from businesses or individuals looking to begin a blogging regimen is, “How many words should my blogs contain?”


While a popular response to the question is “the shorter, the better,” that’s not always the case. While there is no right or wrong, the answer really depends on your reason for blogging.

Short and sweet can lead to more comments

If you’re in it for reader engagement, brevity can be your best friend: about 100-300 words. Your average commenter is more interested in brief posts that quickly get them to the comment section. Easy on the eye and doesn’t appear overwhelming to the reader.

Lengthy posts can help your SEO

If search engine optimization is your main reason for blogging, then writing posts that are 600-1,000 words or more will be your best bet. Of course, Google and other search engine algorithms are constantly changing, but right now this is a best practice for bloggers.

For either length, be careful not to keyword-stuff your posts (the act of aimlessly listing words relevant to your topic with no regard for quality writing). Instead, focus on well-written posts pertaining to topics that are meaningful to your readers, and Google will reward you by ranking you higher in the search rankings.

Check out some stats on how blog post length can dictate your readership, and contact me for more tips on blogging.

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