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Did you know there was only a 20% chance you’d be reading this sentence after seeing the above headline? Two out of 10 people who are browsing newspapers, magazines and websites will only read the headlines, foregoing the rest of the content. The verdict: ensure your headlines make a strong first impression. Even if the body is well written, interesting, amazing–it doesn’t matter if the reader loses interest before reaching that point. Here are some suggestions for writing headlines that’ll help hook in potential readers: Be direct Sometimes it may be tempting to write a clever headline. However, a clever headline may not clearly inform the reader what the story/article/blog is about. Save the wit for later and keep it simple. Try “Four easy ways to organize your office” rather than “The never-ending fight against clutter.” Be succinct A headline should be short enough so that it can be read at a glance. If the headline is too long, the audience may not bother taking the time to read it and skip the piece completely. Consider subheads A subhead is the headline’s sidekick. It’s often used to expand on the headline’s message, and provides a natural flow into the body of.

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