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Why hire a copywriter?

The art of communicating to potential customers Sometimes the role of a copywriter is perceived as something that any business can do on its own to save money. Let’s say you’re a business owner. Like many owners, you think developing web site content is as simple as throwing together a couple of paragraphs about what your business does. The challenge with that mentality is that there are most likely a countless number of businesses doing the same thing you are — whether you’re managing an auto shop, an accounting firm, a laundromat or a grocery store. “Frank’s Auto — we fix cars. Call us.” When potential customers are scouring the Internet for a shop to take their cars to, they’ll want to find the shop which speaks to them the most — one which states clear advantages of visiting their shop rather than someone else’s. A generic “we fix cars” won’t cut it. This is when having a good copywriter is so valuable. Copywriters are trained to think about every nitty-gritty detail of any given business and communicate to the audience what makes that business stand out from the rest. When business owners begin to write their own copy, sometimes.

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