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I’m an award-winning copywriter and marketing consultant (go me!) in New York City. Does that mean I only work with individuals or businesses in the New York area? Heck no! Thanks to fancy Internet stuff, we can work together no matter where you are.


Get More Website Traffic by Writing Better Blog Posts

Get More Website Traffic by Writing Better Blog Posts

Every internet marketer has heard the phrase “content is king.” However, not all content is true royalty. Let’s discuss how to create better blog posts that will separate your website from the pack.   What readers and search engines both want How does Google determine if one piece of content is superior to others? Much in the same way a reader would make the decision. Readers expect content to be educational and valuable; for example, it should address a problem and offer a solution.   This type of content takes the user by the hand and guides him step by step toward his answer. In other words, the website offers the reader a better user experience.   Google’s algorithm understands that if people prefer one post over the others, then one post must be more useful than the others. The more helpful a post is, the higher it’ll rank in the Google listings.   What to write Don’t write fluff. When people reach your website, they’re looking for real answers and concrete solutions. You must have quality content.   Your content has to be more informative than entry-level material. It has to be so compelling that readers linger on your.

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Why Your Blog Posts Need High-Quality Backlinks and How to Get Them

Why Your Blog Posts Need High-Quality Backlinks and How to Get Them

Imagine this (frustrating) scenario: your website content is just as good or better than your competitors’, but your competitors consistently outrank you in Google listings. Are you suffering from this predicament? And more importantly, want to know how to fix it? The solution may lie in your backlinks.   Why you need backlinks A backlink is simply a link on another website that leads inbound traffic to your page. For instance, a link on a website about physical exercise may take readers to your website for your chain of fitness clubs.   The secret Google algorithm that ranks pages gives preference to pages that have more backlinks.   Why does Google like links? Think of a link to your web page as a vote in favor of that page. In general, Google considers your content to be more valuable with each link it receives from different websites. And remember, Google wants to send its users to the most helpful and informative sites available.   It’s similar to the old TV commercials where the announcer would say something like “three out of four dentists recommend our toothpaste.”   In like manner, Google wants to recommend to its user the best page.

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Looking for a reason to publish a press release for your business? Here are a few topics to get you started.   We’ve all read press releases that should have never been released. Did you really care that ABC Plumbing defeated XYZ Heating & Air in an all-day horseshoe tournament? Ehhhh, probably not.   So, what makes for a good topic in a press release? Let’s look at three excellent ideas for press releases whether for small, medium or large businesses.   Announce an impressive new deal or contract Everyone wants to be associated with success. That’s why people will like your company even more when they learn that you’ve landed a deal to provide goods or services to someone or something considered important. For example, suppose your remodeling company has inked a deal to restore the most famous historic home in the state. Let everyone know with a press release—then don’t be surprised when admirers of that historic home keep your phone ringing with requests for estimates on their own remodeling projects.   Publish the results of research, a poll or a survey There are companies that manage to keep their names in the national news by mastering this.

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"Steve was a pleasure to work with. He was able to take an ambiguous assignment and craft an excellent written piece without a lot of direction. He is in tune with the needs of his customers: responsive and professional."

Randy, Battle Balls ( Founder )

"Steve has been an excellent asset to my business as a startup. He is extremely punctual and effective in his approach. I plan to work with him on an ongoing basis and look forward to it."

Sajari, Sajari Q Fashion ( OWNER )

"Contacting Steve was one of the best decisions we made on this project! Steve listened to exactly what our needs were, understood how the company needed to be presented and then provided his own expertise and feedback to deliver copy that was perfectly on point."

Hannah, Splatypus Web Design Studio ( OWNER )